Fire Eating and Body Burning 101

Fire Eating and Body Burning 101

Venue: Minneapolis Fire Collective


When: 01-19-2018

Timing: 7:00 pm

Attendants: 4

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Info: New to fire? This is a great place to start! Looking for a NEW fire skill? Eat it! Ever wondered, how do they do that? Come find out! Join us for a Fire Eating and Body Burning Class! (Body Burning is AKA Fleshing, but I just like the sound of Body Burning better!) Once again, Troy Reem will be joining us to offer us his knowledge, experience, and skills to create an amazing class experience, hosted by Fire Mama, who will be the primary safety instructor, and class facilitator. Fire Mama and Troy have actually been playing with fire together for about 10 years! Crazyyyy! Just $60 for this 2 hour warm, INDOOR class, including 90 minutes of group safety and instruction, plus a half hour of group play! All fuel will be provided. Class will be held at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center (CAFAC) where we will be warm, wind-less, ventilated, and in the ideal location for fire play! The venue cost is included in the class cost - worth it! *Fire Safety Blankets will be available for $10 each, and they are IMPORTANT to have when you play with ANY fire! Plan to get one if you don't already have one. *Torches will be available for $25 per pair. Bring CASH to class to purchase torches. There will be a limited amount of torches to possibly borrow, but you'll want your own to take with you, I'm sure! *Hollow vapor torches will also be available to purchase for advanced tricks (vapors, etc), and range from $60 - $100 per pair. A potential advanced class may be scheduled, pending interest, where you will be able to put those torches to use! This class will max at TEN students only, so don't dilly dally in getting your spot! No refunds, no pets, no spectators. Must be age 18+, 100% sober, and must wear fire proof clothing (100% cotton thick weave clothing is best, NO synthetics or polyester). Wear something that will allow you to reveal your arms for those super cool body burning tricks! Bring something to drink (non-alcoholic, flavored beverage), cuz you might get thirsty and want to get the taste of fuel out of your mouth! Bring your fire eating/fleshing torches, if you have them. Fire - YUM!